Show off your natural beauty with Delse organic products. Our natural and luxurious hair care and skin care products will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated. The Delse Shop accentuates what’s already there – strength, beauty, you. We create premium products at affordable prices that are created for Afrocentric women. Our customers come first in everything we do from product creation to product delivery. Get a luxury product without the luxury price tag.

We align with the following Sustainable Development Goals:


Products sold or stocked by The Delse Shop are from producers or manufacturers who believe in poverty alleviation in the poor communities. By partnering with farmers living in the rural areas for the raw materials (shea butter) and committing to paying fair wages. Even though this does not totally eradicate poverty, it is a step in the right direction and The Delse Shop has a commitment of working or partnering with producers who have same goal.


The products offered to the market by The Delse Shop are purely organic. Good health and well-being is not only about our everyday habit, it is important to pay attention to the ingredient level of one’s personal care products. The Delse Shop understands the effects of bio-active compounds thus only product made from organic materials are stocked.


The vision of The Delse Shop is to promote sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. The Delse Shop is committed to providing employment especially to women in rural areas. With our vision, we will embark on empowering women and girls in these rural areas to be involved in the production of the organic raw materials needed by our cosmetic manufacturing partners. We will train them on good business management practices and basic record keeping and join in the negotiation table for the prices of these materials reducing inequalities and fostering innovation.



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