Natural Hair Porosity…All You Need to Know

We’re always excited to go on the natural hair and skin journey with you. Would you agree with us if we say knowing  something very well helps you understand it better and know how to handle it? Well today, let’s talk about natural hair porosity…the ins and outs.   Low Porosity Hair with low porosity does not absorb moisture very easily, and therefore requires the use of hair products that can help the...

Maintaining Natural Hair with Natural Remedies

Maintaining and caring for your natural hair requires a little bit of dedication and time to keep your hair growing healthier and fuller. These few tips will help you in your natural hair journey to achieve the full and healthy hair you always dream of achieving. Use Castor Oil...

Benefits of Wooden Combs for Your Hair

Wooden combs also help to improve overall quality of hair and also strengthens the roots of your hair .It aids in healthy hair growth and helps you to achieve a dandruff-free scalp. According to hair experts, combing your mane with a wooden comb is better because it does not...


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